We live in an age in which free Wi-Fi is available virtually everywhere around us. Workplaces, restaurants, campuses, airports, hotels or coffee shops – you name it. However, even though this technology has revolutionized the way we use the Internet, it should not be forgotten that the main issue with wireless networks is their poor security. This is especially true of free Wi-Fi hotspots – when you connect to one of those, your sensitive information might be openly available to any third parties, including hackers, trackers, network administrators or your Internet service provider.


However, a team of experienced entrepreneurs from the Netherlands has come up with what seems to be a solution to this problem, embodying their idea in an Internet encryption device called Keezel. Their funding campaign on Indiegogo has so far collected an astonishing sum of over one million dollars, which is more than five times as much as their initial goal.


The technology behind Keezel

The technology behind Keezel

The technology behind Keezel is quite simple, at least in theory. This device uses VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology in order to encrypt your Internet connection, thus improving your online security and enabling you to enjoy the Internet without having to worry about exposing yourself to identity theft or other privacy violations. Using this device is ridiculously simple. All you have to do is turn it on with the push of a single button. Keezel then connects to your desired Wi-Fi network, presumably open and unsafe, and creates another secure hotspot between your device and that open network. All your Wi-Fi enabled devices will then be able to connect to your own newly created secure hotspot. It requires no software installations or complicated configurations.


Besides network encryption, which is its main feature, Keezel also unblocks content on the Internet, circumventing online censorship and geographic restrictions. We all know how frustrating it can be to sit back in order to enjoy the latest episode of your favorite show or a simple YouTube video, only to be informed that the desired content is not available in your country. With Keezel, there are no more blocked sites or unavailable content. You can enjoy everything the Internet has to offer, regardless of where you are or who’s trying to censor the content you wish to view. Additionally, Keezel features another very useful function – its powerful battery possesses a capacity of 8000+ mAh, which is almost four times the capacity of an iPhone 6s. This allows you to charge your portable devices on the go.


The team behind Keezel is led by its co-founders, Aike Müller and Friso Schmid, two experienced IT professionals from the Netherlands. Both Aike and Friso boast successful careers in information management, IT security and consulting. This is also not their first joint project – before Keezel, they co-founded a government-contract consulting firm specializing in automated insurance. The team has been creating software and hardware for more than 15 years, working for some of the greatest companies out there, such as Philips, AMD and Intel. Keezel was inspired mainly by their wish to democratize the Internet by eliminating censorship and geographical discrimination, while simultaneously making it a safer environment for every user – and any device.


The enormous success of Keezel’s funding campaign on Indiegogo seems to be well-deserved. This simple gadget should prove to be immensely useful to all sorts of Internet users out there. Business professionals, their clients, social networking enthusiasts, freelancers – frankly, there’s no one who wouldn’t need improved security when using an open wireless network. Thousands of backers on Indiegogo seemed to share this opinion, and they can expect Keezel to ship their devices in August this year.