Sometimes we watch the news and they tell us that the weather is going to be nice today, about 80°F partly cloudy. Then, we step outside and its 60°F and raining, how could they get it so wrong? If we take out the middle man and set up our own weather station we would always know what the weather was like outside. Some may say, “Well isn’t this difficult?” and that is where the SKY2 and STORM weather camera system come into play. A project was launched on July 20th on Kickstarter to fund the second installment of the world’s one and only complete weather camera system.


Hundreds of thousands of people have already backed this project and the one before it creating a wonderful community of weather trackers that are all connected through the BloomSky App. The main component of the system is the SKY/SKY2 which is the camera system. SKY2 measures temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and precipitation. The SKY2 also has a fully capable HD camera that captures an image every 5 minutes so you can see your sky in real time. Not to mention the SKY2 is powered by its own solar panel so it is continuously charged and never stops taking in data.

With the project the developers have introduced a new component to the system which is called STORM. STORM is an accessory and will only work if used in combination with either SKY or SKY2, however it collects even more data for you. STORM will let you know they amount of UV rays, wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall total. The STORM is also charged by a solar panel and will provide continuous data coll

ection, it can be easily cleaned and comes with a bird spike to prevent roosting.

All over the world people are using this app and these machines to let people know what is really going on in their world and show them the beauty of the sky around them. Now the SKY2 is compatible with smart home appliances, the goal is to be able to control the thermostat in the house or irrigation systems outside when the weather changes. This is too prevent overheating or overcooling in the house which can save you money in the long run, plus keep your pets and garden safe when it gets too hot or too cool.


With the weather community backing this project they reached 180% of their goal the first day the project was put on Kickstarter. As of now they have $326,518 of their $80,000 goal. Some of the rewards for backing the project are already gone, but you can still get everything at a higher pledge. For those with the SKY if you pledge $89 or more you will get the STORM, which includes a solar panel and a tripod. If you pledge $159 or more you get the SKY2, which includes a solar panel and a mount. If you pledge $229 or more you get the SKY2 and the STORM, which includes two solar panels, a mount, and a tripod. If you pledge $299 or more you can gift the SKY2 and STORM kit to a friend or family member and get a STORM for yourself. Pledging higher than this will get you multiple kits but all of these low cost kits are being backed as we speak. If you don’t get it now you may not get one at all, so I would go back as soon as possible!