The world’s first personal air conditioner Evapolar is one of the most efficient cooling technology that comes with ultimate comfort and convenience is the solution to all your humidity problems.  Since its campaign started on indiegogo on October last year, it has raised $938,966.



What sets Evapolar aside from the traditional air conditioners is its handy size that allows you to take it anywhere you need.  Using advanced cooling technology, this air conditioner not only gives you cool air but humidifies and purifies the air before cooling it.

There are many amazing reasons why Evaploar is capturing a lot of attention. First off, this device is not merely aimed at providing you cool air- it in effect creates your own personal climate. Unlike the bulky traditional air conditioners, Evapolar lets you focus on the temperature you personally desire- no considering anyone else’s preferences. On top of that, you can say goodbye to the colds you probably catch because of extreme cold temperatures as Evapolar softly, naturally chills you. The irritating hum of air conditioners is another thing the developers of Evapolar have addressed. It works silently not distracting you from whatever you are doing.

Evapolar Then is the price. For a small device, the $179 price may seem expensive but considering the very low consumption of 10W (approximately a light bulb), the long term benefits are amazing. Once you get it out of the box, there is no assembly, no installation, no need for professionals-it’s ready to use straight out of the box.  Simply fill the removable water tank and set the desired power. Although it does have to be plugged in to work, the interesting thing is it doesn’t have to be a power outlet, it will work plugged into the USB port of your laptop or car or even a power bunk!


EvapolarWithout the harmful chemicals such as Freon that are often used in cooling devices, Evapolar is an ecofriendly choice. The materials used in the process are totally recyclable made from a special evaporative material. Left to nature, the material will degrade without harming the environment




How Evapolar works?

The principle used by Evapolar is really straightforward. Basically, air is cooled by evaporating water. Once the removable tank is filled with water, the cartridge absorbs this water which is then distributed on the surface of cooling pads. As air passes through these pads, it evaporates producing the cooling effect. This processes ensures that the temperature you maintain is gentle even on your skin letting you adjust the coolness depending on the season and your body’s needs.

IF you are worrying about having to refill the tank in a few hours, the tank only needs to be refilled every 6-8 hours. As for the cartridge, it only needs replacement every 8-12 months depending off course on its usage. The device has a one year guarantee.

Evapolar is the newest air cooling device that is light on the pocket and gentle on the environment.