BRAIN PORTAL cements partnership with Parisian VC group Hardware Club


BRAIN PORTAL has partnered with Hardware Club, a venture capital group with locations in Paris, Taipei, and San Francisco. Through this partnership, BRAIN PORTAL will be offering manufacturing support to the startups Hardware Club is helping.


BRAIN PORTAL is a media technology lab that supports hardware startups by linking them to SMEs, factories, and hardware specialists. Even after successfully raising funding, many hardware startups slip up when reaching the mass production stage. Seeking to remedy this problem, BRAIN PORTAL offers manufacturing partner matching and manages the project through the entirety of the supply chain up through its shipment.


Hardware Club is Europe’s largest hardware venture. In addition to offering a platform designed to globally accelerate hardware startups and offering distribution, manufacturing, and VC networking support for 139 companies in 24 countries (as of February 2016). Hardware Club also invests in these startups during the seed stage.


Through this new partnership, BRAIN PORTAL will match global startups affiliated with Hardware Club with SMEs, particularly those in Japan, and offer project management that includes translation.


Kazuki Kasai and Hikari Takahashi, co-founders of BRAIN PORTAL, said, “By bringing together the power of SMEs throughout Japan, we want to support the manufacturing needs of global startups and in turn broadcast to the world what Japanese craftsmanship has to offer.” Jerry Yang, Hardware Lead & General Partner of Hardware Club, said, “We are looking forward to leveraging BRAIN PORTAL’s unique network and problem-solving task force to solve high-end technology needs and niche fields alike,” adding, “through BRAIN PORTAL, we want to help more hardware ventures succeed and thus give a shot in the arm to the whole hardware industry.”





Pictured is Hikari Takahashi, co-founder of BRAIN PORTAL, along with Jerry Yang, Hardware Lead & General Partner of Hardware Club.


Hardware Club web site